David Hancock has photographed the changing face of the Northern Territory over the past 30 years, working on some of the NT’s largest infrastructure projects – the Alice Springs to Darwin railway, Timor Sea oil and gas fields, Macarthur River mine, Ranger Uranium Mine and the Inpex project.

David’s industrial photography has been used in annual reports, prospectuses, web sites, advertising and for awards.

David Hancock understands, coming as he does from a background in photojournalism and of working for newspapers and magazines that the best images are natural, candid and strong. He makes good use of the beautiful light of northern and central Australia, as well as stunning landscapes of the region.

David Hancock is also aware of the beauty and power of large-scale projects and their ability to change lives and society for the better.

David has photographed industrial buildings, people and major projects for Ahrens, Roofmaster, Norbuilt, the AustralAsia Railway, Adrail, Hochtief and other clients. His images of the construction of the Alice Springs to Darwin railway were published by Australian Geographic and in a book about the project, A Vision Fulfilled.

Coming from a background of photographing for publications such as Australian Geographic, David understands that many clients want their projects to reflect synergy with the environment.


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