Much of David Hancock’s food photography is centred around Australian native ingredients – plants like Kakadu plum, fingerlime, Davidson plum, bush tomato and north Australian seafood such as crocodile, snapper and barramundi.

Among his six books, David Hancock has published two books about Indigenous bush tucker and north Australian seafood: Walkabout Chefs provides an insight to Aboriginal culture through food and NT Sea Food, takes readers into remote areas and waters that contain some of the best seafood in the world.

David Hancock photographs and writes about Australian native food and the interesting people who cultivate and harvest it. Many articles have appeared in national publications, such as RM Williams’ Outback magazine. Articles about emerging native food industries and Indigenous participation have appeared in the Australian Geographic journal.

David Hancock also photographs and writes about the activities of chefs, native food foragers, restaurants, cafes and food festivals.

Many dishes created by Indigenous people and chefs who work closely with them are unique: they include dugong, turtle, kangaroo, witchity grub, crocodile, magpie goose and bush turkey.

David Hancock’s photography focuses largely on Australian bush tucker and people who gather, cook and present some of this wonderful food.


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