David Hancock’s portrait photography tries to capture people in a natural state, whether they be out bush, in an industrial environment, at an office or in a formal studio setting.

David Hancock is at ease in offices and factories in urban areas as he is at remote Aboriginal communities, offshore platforms, cattle stations, stock camps or mine sites. His images grace the pages of annual reports, magazines and web sites.

Many of David’s formal portraits are lit by artificial light to emphasise the character of people, while others capture candid moments that highlight personalities. Portraits using formal lighting are generally more suitable for corporate documents and a company web site, while unguarded moments – often using ambient light – make for terrific magazine portraits.

David Hancock regularly photographs in demanding situations where it is hard to set up lighting or even carry artificial lighting to the shoot site. He has a standard set of gear that includes a number of small flashes that enable him to mix natural light with artificial light to great effect.

Rather than settle for a standard looking-at-camera picture of individuals or a group, David Hancock is always keen to bend the rules and experiment with different lighting, perspectives, composition and formats for his portrait photography.


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0419 884388 or email: davidhancock88@gmail.com

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